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Do I need to have a domain & hosting before building a website?
Yes, you need both to host your website.


After my website is live, do I need to pay every year?
Yes, you only need to pay for domain & web hosting annual fees.


I already have my own domain and hosting, can I only buy web design package from you?
Yes. We will upload the new website to your current hosting.


Can I transfer my domain / hosting / website to you?
Yes. We will assist and guide.


If my domain or email having problem, do you provide support?
Yes, as long as you buy domain and hosting from us.


I only want to use email for my company, do you provide such service?
Yes. You can buy a domain with email hosting plan.


After I created my website, will people find my website in google?
Yes, our website is SEO friendly.


Can you help me with Online Marketing?
Yes. We provide advertising services for Google Adwords, Facebook Campaign and Youtube ads.


After my website is created, can I update website myself or I need to hire you to update?
Yes, you can either update on your own or hire us to update for you. FYI, our CMS website plan provides update training.


If there is error in my website, do you fix it?
Yes, we will fix errors within the guarantee period. If you buy domain and hosting from us, we will provide free support. Or else we will charge a little money.


Do you do graphic design?
Yes. We do logo design, business card design, flyer design, brochure design, banners and much more as we help you build your brand.